Our Equipment Capabilities

At present, the company has dozens of sets of large equipment such as automatic rib-stripping and wire rolling machine, CNC punch press, automatic welding robot, plate shearing machine, hot dip galvanizing and powder automatic spraying production line. Can complete the ribbed rolling wire, stamping, welding, hot dip galvanizing, epoxy powder spraying and other bolt production procedures. And basically realized the important process "machine replacement" full coverage.

Environmental Protection Hot Galvanizing Production Line

Environmental Protection Hot Galvanizing Production Line

In 2016, company invested more than 40 million yuan, through the introduction of Sweden and Norway hot dip galvanizing technology, built the first automatic, environmentally friendly hot dip galvanizing production line in China. Solve the problem of unstable quality of hot dip galvanizing which has troubled enterprises for many years. At the same time, the completion of this production line, but also for the domestic hot dip galvanized industry from high pollution, high energy consumption, low efficiency to environmental protection, high efficiency, friendly transformation, play a certain exploration and demonstration role.


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