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Zhejiang Pretec Metal Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and officially put into production in June 2010. The company was originally located at No. 1-1 Danmei Road, Haining Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 20 acres; with the development of the company, in August 2016, it moved to the new factory area at No. 9 Jinchang Road. The new plant has a total investment of nearly 20 million U.S. dollars, covers an area of 44 acres, and currently employs nearly 100 people.

The company was invested and established by the Norwegian Pretec Group (wholly foreign-owned), and mainly produces and sells bolts for tunnels, coal mines and other underground engineering products. Pretec Group is currently one of the most important suppliers of anchor bolts for underground engineering in Norway and the Nordic region. The group currently owns 6 companies in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium and China. Zhejiang Pretec Metal Products Co., Ltd. is the only R&D base of Pretec Group in China. Currently, 100% of the company's products are exported, mainly to the Nordic market. In 2017, the market share in the 4 Nordic countries exceeded 50%.

We use Pc-Coat corrosion protection agent (hot-dip galvanizing, zinc-manganese phosphating and epoxy powder coating) to produce and provide rock anchor bolts with a particularly long service life. In order to completely control the product quality to a very high standard, the complete manufacturing process is completed in our own factory. Machinery production and corrosion protection are in line with international standards, or will be carried out according to customer requirements. Our company is actively committed to creating a harmonious working environment for employees, and we continue to pay attention to the smallest possible environmental footprint. Features: Rock anchor bolts with a service life of 100 years.

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Guardrail of Hardanger, the longest bridge in Norway, is "made by Haining"

We have not only gone abroad but also built the "Chinese Dream" at home-the Zheng-wan high-speed rail project

Tunnel Field Product Application