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Company Introduction

Chairman(right) and General Manager(left)
Photo taken in Tunnel Construction Site
Zhejiang Pretec Metal Products Co., Ltd (Pretec China) was established in 2008 and started own product manufacturing in May 2010. The company has a registered capital base of RMB 124 million and is a 100% owned subsidiary of Pretec Group AS, which has its Head Office in Norway. Pretec China moved into new production facilities of about 20,000 m2 during spring of 2016. The production plant covers mechanical manufacturing, hot dip galvanizing and epoxy powder coating processes. Most of the equipment and applied technologies are imported from Europe.
The company is specialized in manufacturing of products for rock support and fixation of water and frost protecting sheets necessary in Scandinavia. One of the specialty products is the combination bolts (Pc-bolt and Nc-bolt, combining immediate and permanent support) offering extended durability. The combination bolts offer immediately working anchorage while being prepared for later time grouting that allows acceptance of the same bolts as part of the permanent support. Significantly extended durability of the bolts is ensured by the PC-Coat, which is a combined hot dip galvanizing, zinc-manganese phosphate treatment and epoxy powder coating process.
Other rock bolting products offered are end-anchored bolts, self-drilling bolts, spiling bolts and bolts for dynamic high deformation rock conditions. The market segments are primarily road and rail tunnels, tunnels and caverns for water and sewage handling, mines and slope protection.
The company has 6 fully automatic machines for production of both solid rebar and tube bolts. Development and manufacturing is supported by our own R&D department and the well-equipped testing center.
The markets outside of Europe are serviced by Pretec China, which is certified according to ISO 9001, EN 1090 and ISO 14001 with regular reviews and updates.
Pretec Group’s main market segments are tunneling and mining as well as the concrete prefab industries. The Group has fully owned subsidiaries in China, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Belgium.

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Pretec Group is member of  NTN (Norwegian Tunnelling Network) http://www.norwegiantunnelling.no/
Ref. “Best practice in Norway” regarding rock anchoring bolts
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