The anchor partner is not just an accessory, each is a key component

Editor:浙江普泰克金属制品有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-01-06 

Anchor rod is a kind of support commodity commonly used in coal mine support system software. The structure of anchor rod is composed of bolt body, pallet, nut and other accessories. These accessories are fully used in coal mine support system software. It is indispensable to play its own function.

The body of the bolt is made of glass fiber yarn, epoxy resin, and epoxy curing agent through heating and dry solidification. The body of the bolt is full external thread, and the rotation direction of the external thread is left-handed or right-handed. The actual effect in the protection system software is remarkable. It is the result of the mutual cooperation between the hollow grouting anchor rod body and the tray nut. So, what is the function of the pallet in the bolt in the coal mine support system software? What problems should be paid attention to when choosing pallets?

1. The pallet must release the relative torque to the nut so that the pallet can clamp the surface of the coal road, show a certain pre-tightening force to the hollow grouting bolt, and let the pre-tightening force spread to the periphery of the hollow grouting bolt In the coal and rock, thereby improving the in-situ stress of the surrounding rock, it can reasonably inhibit the separation of the surrounding rock, the drag of the tectonic surface and the expansion of joint cracks, and finally complete the consciousness and timeliness of the hollow grouting bolt support.

2. The surrounding rock is deformed and the load effect is transferred to the backing plate. With the aid of the tray, the load is transferred to the rod body of the hollow grouting bolt, thereby increasing the frictional resistance of the hollow grouting bolt during work and allowing the hollow grouting anchor The lever makes full use of the effect of manipulating the deformation of the surrounding rock.

Each component of the anchor rod is a key component of the supporting system software. The commodity characteristics of the pallet immediately endanger the actual effect of the hollow grouting anchor rod. You must pay attention to the selection of the pallet.