Come to the gluttonous feast of the anchor rod, and appreciate the style of the anchor rod!

Editor:浙江普泰克金属制品有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-01-06 

There are many types of anchor rods, but there are certain differences in the direction of use. Today, the editor of the Shuangfu anchor rod manufacturer prepares a rich anchor rod feast for everyone, and takes everyone to appreciate the style of anchor rods!

1. Wooden anchor rod. There are two types of wood bolts used in our country, namely ordinary wood bolts and compressed wood bolts.

2. Rebar or steel wire rope mortar anchor. The cement sand paddle is used as the binder between the bolt and the surrounding rock.

3. Inverted wedge metal anchor rod. This anchor rod was once one of the more widely used anchor rod forms. Because it is easy to process, easy to install, and has a certain anchoring force, the anchor rod is still in use within a certain range.

4. Pipe joint anchor rod. It is a full-length friction anchor bolt. The anchor rod has the characteristics of simple installation, reliable anchoring, large initial anchoring force, and long-term anchoring force increasing with the movement of surrounding rock.

5. Resin anchor rod. The cost of using resin as the binder of the bolt is relatively high.

6. Quick-hardening expansive cement anchor rod. It is made of ordinary Portland cement or slag Portland cement with additives. It has the characteristics of rapid setting, early strength, water reduction and expansion.

7. Double fast cement anchor rod. It is a mixture of finished early-strength cement and dual-fast cement in a certain proportion. It has the characteristics of fast hardening, quick setting and early strength.