What matters should be paid attention to before and after use of the anchor bolter?

Editor:浙江普泰克金属制品有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-01-06 

1. What should I pay attention to when connecting the bolter to the water distribution pipe?

The water distribution pipe must be connected to the operation above. The pin is particularly important when connecting the water distribution pipe. If the pin is not well connected, this tube can easily hurt people. One wind and one water, one big clip and one small clip. In the past, I often saw them use iron wire instead, and insert single pins. There are many people who have injured their faces and broken their hands, so pay attention to this point. If this pin is inserted into a single pin, the pin will easily jump out as soon as the pressure comes out. After it jumps out, the tube will fall off. It will run randomly in that direction, and it may not run anywhere. Maybe it will run on your face. The tooth was knocked out. In this case, push the clip into place. After the clip is installed, reconfirm and check, and the machine can be operated normally after it is intact.

2. What elements should be paid attention to when operating the bolter?

After the water distribution pipes are connected, we can operate normally. First, when using a bolter to support, first check whether there are people around and whether there is any problem with the two sides of the environmental roof. If there is no problem, you can operate directly. But our working surface is more complicated and darker. Observe whether there are dangerous or live rocks on the top gang, and pick them down if there are any. Only when the top plate is flat and level can it be placed under the top plate for support. Because the rig itself is relatively heavy, one person cannot lift it, and two people operate it together. This handle is quite difficult to hold when supporting. If the rod has an angle, you can’t hold it. It may fall to the left or to the right. After dumping, if there is someone nearby, it is easy to hurt people. This is operated by two people at the same time, one holds the arm and the other holds the guard. This is something you need to pay attention to when you operate on the ground, but there is no shortage of high ceilings, and you need to build a workbench when supporting it. The workbench is made of wood, which is easy to slip. This base is easy to slide over and slip over. It must be easy to fall. After being dumped, the machine will fall off easily. Falling under the workbench may hurt people. This is particularly dangerous. Therefore, when using the bolting machine on the workbench, use four pull nails to pull out the feet firmly, and then perform operations after pulling them out. This rod is not easy to tip over. The person who changes the drill pipe, you have to observe the top help. When a worker was changing the drill pipe, the helper suddenly collapsed such a large piece of coal and smashed his back. Fortunately, the bones are fine.

3. How to remove the water distribution pipe clamp?

After using it, pay special attention to this when dismantling the water distribution pipe, because I have experienced this. After turning off the switch, there is still residual pressure in this tube. Although this pressure is not the original 30 megapascals, there are also 20 megapascals. This pressure must be relieved when removing the pipe and pulling out the pin. There is a vent valve here, after releasing the air. The residual pressure here can be released, and the clip can be removed after the residual pressure is released. But we often ignore it, thinking that we are particularly energetic, and then the remaining pressure is not great. The pin can be pulled out with hard work. After unplugging the remaining pressure of the tube and throwing the tube onto you, it hurts someone. So when we remove the clamp, the clamp can be removed only after the pressure is released. Moreover, the clip is easy to remove after the pressure is released. These are some precautions for bolting rigs.