What are the reasons for the fracture of anatomical anchors?

Editor:浙江普泰克金属制品有限公司 │ Release Time:2021-01-06 

When the anchor rod is in use, there will be a problem of fracture, so why does this problem occur? Today, the editor of the Shuangfu anchor rod manufacturer has sorted out the reasons, let's take a look!

1. The tail end of the anchor rod is the place where all the rods are subject to complicated forces and easily damaged. The force analysis of the threaded section of the bolt was carried out, and the stress caused by a part of the thread due to the reduced diameter was 2-3 times the stress; because the core of the curved surface between the tray and the ball pad is unscientific, the two curved surfaces are locked and the bolt is locked. The force is greatly changed and even broken.

2. When the installation angle of the anchor rod is too large and the tensile stress reaches a certain value, the long-term load will cause the thread section of the anchor rod end to bend and crack or even break; when the released torque exceeds 600N'm, the anchor The composite stress suffered by the rod is close to the yield stress of the raw material, and the anchor rod first causes cracks from the bend, so that the crack propagation causes the anchor rod to break when the breaking resistance is not achieved.

3. Bending processing torsion, tensile shear torsion and bending processing shear torsion composition function is the general stress condition in the whole process of mine bolt installation. The closer to the fixed end, the greater the stress, so the bad part is fixed. end.